Looking for Natural Hair Care Shea Butter Products to Combat Dryness

Ashea Shea Butter Pomade, Ashea Shea Butter Wax Stick, and Ashea Leave in Conditioner

Last Friday evening Nov 21st I received my UPS package from the Ashea Professional Hair Care Products Company.  And by Saturday I was all too eager to try my new products. The Shea Butter pomade has a heavenly scent. I sampled the 100% Shea Butter Pomade, the Leave-in Conditioner and the Shea Butter Wax Stick.  After using the Ashea products I will say that the products sell themselves. The Ashea Shea Butter pomade solves the number one problem with black hair: DRYNESS. Unlike some other shea pomades, the Ashea Shea Butter pomade absorbs into the hair.  It did not weigh down my hair or leave my hair greasy. I will definitely incorporate the Ashea line in my hair care regiment and would recommend the Shea Butter, Leave-in Conditioner and Shea Butter Wax Stick for my natural sisters.

How I used the Ashea products:

  1.    Washed and conditioned my hair with the best shampoo for oily hair as Monica recommends
  2.    Sprayed the Ashea Leave in conditioner in my hair
  3.    Blow dried my hair with my ionic blow dryer
  4.    Added Shea Butter Pomade to my hair
  5.    Flat ironed my hair with tourmaline flat iron and curling iron
  6.    Applied the Shea Butter Wax Stick to my edges

Today I reconnected with Ashea Professional Hair Care Products TM creator Mr. Ron Campbell about his product line for multi-textured and African American hair.  Early in our conversation, it was obvious to me that Ron is an authority on hair care. Ron a licensed cosmetologist is very passionate about the Ashea product line and the many benefits for relaxed or natural hair.

Now, the Ashea Product line is a professional line but the above products that I used are available at select salons but primarily in salons and beauty stores in Baltimore Washington DC metro area.  Products can also be purchased via the Ashea website.

What has been your experience with shea butter products?

Perhaps, you are familiar with the Ashea line, let us know what is your favorite Ashea product?