New Hairs Resolutions

Do you know which hot air brush is best? With just a few hours left in 2009, you may be coming up with New Year’s resolutions for 2010. Here are few resolutions you should consider for your new year:

I will discover my own personal style. Not every hair trend is meant for you. Instead of chasing fads or clinging to the same style you’ve been wearing since middle school, make 2010 the year that you find the cut and color that complement your personal style.

I will make my hair health a priority. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. Unfortunately, we tend to put the health of hair far down on the list of priority. This year, strive for healthy hair. This means getting regular trims and switching to less damaging styling tools.

I will stop wearing cheap hair extensions. You get what you pay for. And that’s especially true with hair extensions. You can’t build a mansion with subpar materials and you can’t build a superior personal style with cheap hair image extensions and products. Make 2010 the year that you start wearing premium human hair extensions.

I will start going to a great stylist. How many times have you showed up to a hair appointment and had to wait an hour before the stylist even touched you because she had double booked? How many times has what you walked out with looked nothing like what you went in for? Your hair stylist is your number one partner in making your hair look good. Don’t settle for anything less than a professional, knowledgeable stylist in your corner.

Fall Color Trends

It’s a good idea to change your style up as each season approaches. Hair color is noimage exception. Whether you’re spending thousands of dollars at the top salons or doing it at home with a box color kit, you want your hair color to reflect the fact that we’re right smack in the middle of fall.

Most people think that fall hair color must be dark, thinking of blacks, chocolates or auburns. But the truth is that your fall hair color should be a cooler tone, which includes platinum blondes and plums. Just remember that darker hair reflects shine better than lighter hair. It’s also easier to hide breakage and dullness in dark hair. And if you’re thinking of going image darker than chocolate brown, you should let a professional handle it to avoid hair disasters.

Instead of changing your entire hair color, consider trying low lights, which are just the opposite of high lights. Instead of adding streaks of a lighter hair tone to your natural color, you would add streaks of a one shade darker. The idea is to get a rich, darker look without looking mousey or plain. Low lights also mean that you don’t have to worry about whether your new look will mesh with your skin tone. There’s also less maintenance.