Protecting Your Edges and Your Hair Line

Hair Weaves can help your hair grow and is often worn as a protective style.  Many women wear human hair extensions to give their hair a break from chemicals and heat.  However, while taking a break from damaging chemicals and heat, many women neglect their hairline or their edges.

The hairline needs special attention and care  Women must be mindful of their edges when wearing braids, hair weaves, hair extensions and lace front wigs.  Now some people reading this blog may not understand the concept of edges. The Edges is your hairline. For a lot of people, the hairline is the most fragile or weakest part of the hair.  Yet, many women place a lot of unnecessary stress on their edges when wearing certain hairstyles.

Here are Six ways you can protect your edges when wearing weaves and hair extensions:

  • Avoid glues and adhesives around the hairline
  • Leave your edges out when wearing a sew in weave (this includes hair around the entire hairline)
  • Don’t apply daily heat to your edges
  • Stay away from gels containing protein that can be hard and be drying.  Consider using the Tancho Tique (Tancho Stick) pomade the perfect gel alternative.
  • Minimize ponytails and definitely avoid tight ponytails
  • Take a two-week break after coming out of weaves and human hair extensions by wearing alternate hairstyles.

Remember, you can grow your hair while wearing Remy hair extensions with proper hair care and including the Tancho Tique pomade in your hair regiment.

The Tancho Tique is a staple in my hair care regiment.  The Tancho Tique is a universal hair product and works with taming fly away and laying down all hair types.  Great for African American, Multiracial, Hispanic, Asian and European hair textures.Shop Tancho Tique and quality Remy hair extensions, Indian hair extensions and reusable human hair extensions.

Check back for more posts on taking care of your own hair while wearing human hair extensions. We love to hear from our readers.  Let us know if you found this article helpful or if you have any additional tips you would like to share. And we also will consult you which hair straightener brush is best.