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Inline Puck Hockey in Northern Ireland

New League cup & Playoffs format announced | October 25

Now that the new regular season is up and running it is a good time to preview the format for this seasons league, league cup and playoffs.

Regular Season:

This season each team will plays each other 3 times in the regular league season. (1 of these games doubles as a league / cup double header) . This results in a 15 game regular season for each team to declare the 2016-17 BIPHA Northern Ireland league champions. The final round of regular season games will happen on February 5th.

League Cup

The league / cup double header games create a round robin format for the cup which is displayed in the "league cup" standings page here . All 6 teams will feature on league cup final day (February 19th). The top 2 teams get a bye to the semi finals. Teams 3rd 4th 5th & 6th play each other in mini round robin games on cup final morning (1x20min running clock). The top 2 teams move into semi finals. Both semi finals and final are all standard 2x20min games running clock.

League / League Cup double header games:
October 23rd: ECB vs Cyclones
November 13th: ECB vs Wolves
November 27th:
   -Wolves vs Chiefs
   -ECB vs Vandals
   -Stars vs Cyclones
December 11th:
-Chiefs vs Vandals
-Wolves vs Cylones
-Stars vs Vandals
January 8th: Cyclones vs Vandals
January 22nd:
   -Stars vs Wolves
   -Chiefs vs ECB
February 5th:
-Chiefs vs Stars
-Stars vs ECB
-Vandals vs Wolves
-Cyclones vs Chiefs


**Updated 27/10/2016 following discussions with teams

This seasons extended playoffs feature 2 rounds before "Playoff Final Sunday"

Round 1

Round 1 games area a best of 3 series on day 1. (all games are standard 2x20min running clock) After round 1 the 3 runner up teams move into the league 1 playoff competition and the 3 winners move into the elite playoffs.

League table standings decide round 1 fixtures: 1st vs 6th,2nd vs 5th,3rd vs 4th.

Round 2

Round 2 sees a mini round robin in each division with teams playing each other twice to decide which 2 teams move on to the finals. (All games are standard 2x20min running clock)These games will be spread over 2 days. So each team will pay 2 games on each of the round 2 days.

Playoff Final Sunday

Playoff Final Sunday  sees the top 2 teams in each playoff division compete in a best of 3 series. (Games are standard 2x20min running clock)

RHL (Recrational Hockey League)
The RHL is now in its 3rd season of existance. The purpose of the RHL is to provide development players and experienced players with an opportunity to play games 1 Sunday a month. This season see the Armagh Stars, East Coast Blaze and Ballymoney Badgers enter teams into the RHL. This season will see 8 tournament style days. The RHL has proved a great stepping stone from under 16 to seniors and a good stepping stone for  development players to senior level over the last 2 seasons.